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Our Name

When we first opened The Back Eddy,

one of our biggest challenges was: what to name the restaurant? What name would reflect our philosophy & cooking style?

The name itself actually came from a dear friend of ours who defined a “back eddy” as a current that runs counterclockwise to the mainstream. This defines our restaurant perfectly: A seafood restaurant that does things a

little bit differently. ​


Our mission is to promote eating locally produced product.

We feel fortunate to be located at the center of so many food traditions. This area enjoys a rich heritage of working people growing, raising, & catching food, as well as preparing it with

a mix of culinary traditions.

The ultra fresh produce from the many farms of Southeastern Massachusetts & Coastal Rhode Island; the wide variety of fish brought to shore by New England’s Fisherman; wine, beer, & cheese from local artisan producers & the mixture of Portuguese influence with the oldest American cooking style, provides our kitchen with an incredibly diverse range to work with.

We are excited to help our community sustain growth by providing our local farmers & fisherman a place to showcase their talents.

With our concept of thinking coastal & eating local we can provide you, our guests, with the freshest food in the area. Hence our name and why it is so important to us.

As we move into our 25th season, we thank the best staff on the planet, our guests and our suppliers, for helping to support our vision.


We are located on the Westport River in beautiful Southcoast Massachusetts. Our restaurant has a  fabulous waterfront view, boat access, and is moments away from the beaches. In addition to our main dining rooms and bar area, during the summer weekends we also have an outdoor bar, raw bar & grille on the docks.

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