House Made ​Desserts.......9

Coffee Creme Brulee

with fresh berries & mint
Chocolate Pot de Creme

with a blackberry puree

Warm Apple Crisp

with fresh whipped cream


Cookies & Ice Cream

ask your server!


Bowl of Local Ice Cream

ask your server!

Brut Cattin rose sparkling cremant

alsace, france ........11/glass

**Rocket Fuel Coffee provided by Jim's Organic!


*If you bring in your own cake, we charge $1.50 per person plate charge​.

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.


Liquid ​Desserts




Taylor Fladgate, tawny port                     11


Fonseca, Bin 27 tawny port                      11


Taylor, L.B.V.                                                  12


Fonseca, 20 year tawny                              13

Single Malt Scotch


Glenlivet                                                          11


Glenfiddich, 12 year old                              12


Macallan, 12 year old, double cask          13


Laphroaig, 15 year old                                  14



Small Batch Bourbon/Rye


Widow Jane, 10 year                                   12


Old Forester 1910, whiskey row               13


Whistle Pig, 10 year                                      14

Calvados, Brandy, Cognac & Armagnac


Bushnel, calvados                             12


Courvoisier, V.S.                                 12


Frapin, V.S.                                           13


Martell, V.S.O.P.                                  13


Larresingle, 10 year, V.S.O.P.           14


Hennessy, Privilege                           15


Other Tasty Stuff



lemoncello                                            11   



cognac & orange liqeur                      11  


pear brandy                                            12  



grappa di merlot                                   13 


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